Will your people be ready to bounce back after the COVID-19 crisis?

Our new diagnostic tool, PerformQ will help you understand how your people are feeling and whether they will be ready to perform when the current crisis is over. PerformQ has two parts; the first part is focused on your employees' feelings during the crisis and is free of charge.

What is PerformQ?
  • PerformQ is an on-line crisis leadership tool designed to help you decide where to focus your development time by looking at leadership behaviour, employee engagement, ways of working and organisational culture
  • PerformQ is available in English & Polish languages


Why is understanding your employees' feelings so critical?
  • Employees have very different, more basic priorities during a crisis
  • Employees require more from their leaders during a crisis


For whom is it useful?
  • CEOs/HRDs wanting a quick and effective way of understanding the current feelings of their people
  • Leaders needing to understand which performance drivers are likely to be problems post-crisis
  • Businesses emerging from a crisis situation and curious about the organisation’s readiness to perform

How does it work?

PerformQ has two parts. In part 1 (in-crisis) we evaluate four leadership capabilities and apply four quality tests to these capabilities. Part 1 is free of charge. In part 2 (post-crisis) we continue to assess employee readiness but add an assessment of 'Constructive culture', 'Ways of working' and 'Leadership behaviours'. Part 1 takes c.10 minutes, part 2 takes c. 20 minutes

  • Understand how well your employees think you managed the recent coronavirus crisis
  • Understand which of four people performance drivers is your first priority and why; employee engagement, ways of working, leadership behaviour and culture
  • Informs which of the HR toolkit tools you may need to focus on in more depth
  • PerformQ can be customised to ask the questions you need to ask
  • Segment the opinions within your organisation e.g. by function, level or generation


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Our web-hosted HR toolkit provides a flexible framework enabling you to define your required culture and build the employee engagement and competencies your business needs

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