Drive your people strategy using the Culture toolkit. Four integrated tools that will provide a flexible framework for insights, discussions, decisions and actions
Ways to work with us

Practical & Straightforward

You may choose to use the Culture toolkit with or without our help. We are happy to run your projects and give you ongoing access to all data or train you to run your own internal activities. The choice is yours.

Either way you have peace of mind knowing our systems are cyber-security tested and approved.

“We are with Redpill for the long term! We have benefitted from the wisdom of Kevin and the Redpill team now over a period of 7 years. Kevin has helped us to define the culture and working style that we need to deliver on our strategy and continue our growth. It's an illuminating process and I realise now how disoriented we would be without these insights. The methodology is robust and working with Redpill is definitely a positive and energising experience for the entire Team.”
Sally Guyer, Global CEO, World Commerce & Contracting

How we help your people grow

Discover if the changes you want to make are possible with the people you have
Create a competence model and run 360 degree assessments
Include a culture fit assessment as part of your recruitment projects
Compare internal and external candidates in an objective way
Culture toolkit

Drive your people strategy using the Culture toolkit.


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