Culture change
Do you have the culture your strategy needs?

We help organisations change their culture. We will work with your leadership team using our StrategyQ tool to profile your existing culture and understand the changes in behaviour and ways of working required to become a more effective organisation.

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Why focus on organisational culture?
  • Over 80% of C-suite leaders place ‘Culture’ as one of their top 3 barriers to future growth
  • But less than 15% of C-suite leaders have ‘Culture’ on their strategic agenda
For whom is it useful?
  • CEOs/ HRDs who want to understand where cultural misalignment exists amongst their leadership team and what beliefs under-pin the differences
  • HRDs who need to understand if their organisational culture is enabling or disabling their strategic execution and, if disabling, where to start

How does it work?

StrategyQ consists of 35 pre-defined pairs of statements. Respondents move active sliders towards the statement in each pair they most agree with. After completion you can view the output data across 7 cultural dimensions and identify the tensions between what leaders ‘experience’ and what they ‘require’ to execute strategy. You can see this by function, level, generation or any criteria you pre-determine.

Easy to use system that identifies actionable priorities
  • Enables CEOs and HRDs to run a data-driven culture change process
  • Shed light on the areas of psychological safety that may be holding you back
  • Understand your existing business culture and the change agenda that is required to execute your strategy and fulfil your purpose
  • Identify how aligned your senior leaders and yourself are in reality
  • Generate individual and group reports to create self-awareness and debate
  • See results at question level, dimension level and cultural typology level
  • Understand what your colleagues believe gets in the way of improved performance
  • Create a culture profile that can be used for future management recruitment
  • Validated by the research findings of Geert Hofstede and MIchael Minkov and used by over 1000 people across 75 organisations in Europe


We will facilitate discussions with you to define and bring to life your required culture, enabling you to share the thinking with your organisation in a fun and inter-active way.

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