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Are you recruiting people who will drive your culture?

We provide an evaluation of candidate culture fit. Our CultureFitQ tool helps ensure new recruits are aligned with your desired culture and provides a unique candidate experience.

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Why is culture fit important?
  • Culture fit is the single most commonly expressed reason for senior people leaving
  • Employees’ behaviour depends more on their values & beliefs than technical ability


For whom is it useful?
  • HRDs and CEOs who have a change agenda and need to recruit people who will ‘fit’ or ‘drive’ the future required culture
  • Leaders who want to create a unique and outstanding candidate experience when interacting with their organisation
  • Leaders who want to understand the cultural preferences of their team members

How does it work?

CultureFitQ consists of 20 pairs of statements that ask a candidate to reveal their ‘desired’ culture and work environment. The candidate’s answers are compared to an internal benchmark created by your leadership team (this can be created in StrategyQ or CultureFitQ). The results provide managers with an indicative Culture Fit assessment and some critical areas to probe during the interview process

  • Significantly improves the likelihood of new recruits fitting the culture you need and staying long-term
  • Helps recruiters and managers understand the true beliefs of candidates
  • Maximises questions to ask at interview by identifying where culture clash may exist
  • Provides the opportunity for managers to compare the culture profile of internal and external candidates in an objective way
  • Gain insight into whether the candidate will be a ‘resister’, ‘follower’ or a ‘leader’ of your change process
  • Provide immediate feedback to candidates regarding their culture preferences and enhance their experience




Our web-hosted Culture toolkit provides a flexible framework enabling you to define your required culture and build the employee engagement and competencies your business needs

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