Increase psychological safety
Is it safe for people in your organisation to challenge leaders, and tell it as it is?

Safe2Perform is a short but powerful survey that enables you to identify when people feel safe and unsafe in their day to day work. Do you include everyone? Can people learn freely? Are they able to contribute to the best of their ability? Can they challenge others? Don't confuse 'comfort' with 'safety'.

Why focus on Psychological safety?
  • Over 80% of C-suite leaders place ‘Culture’ as one of their top 3 barriers to future growth
  • Lack of inter-personal safety is the most common blocker to culture change
  • Safe environments enable high-performing teams
For whom is it useful?
  • Leaders who are struggling to gain traction with change agendas
  • Leaders who need to understand the inter-personal dynamics within their team, and across teams
  • Leaders who want to understand the difference between 'safe' environments and 'comfortable' ones

How does it work?

Safe2Perform is a short but powerful survey that looks at the four critical elements of psychological safety at work; inclusion, learning, contribution and challenge

Easy to use system that identifies actionable priorities
  • Helps leaders create a safe environment in a conscious and deliberate way
  • Enables leaders to pinpoint their team's safety issues and take practical action to resolve interpersonal blockers
  • Is your Psychological Safety issue about respect, communication or judgment?
  • Focuses on both the big 'blockers', but also the subtleties that matter to employees
  • Provides a framework for maintaining one's own and others' wellbeing


We will facilitate discussions with you to define and bring to life your required culture, enabling you to share the thinking with your organisation in a fun and inter-active way.

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