Employee engagement
Do your people 'love' your business & 'go the extra mile'?

We provide employee engagement solutions. We will help you create, run and analyze your own bespoke multi-level employee engagement survey and support you with follow-up activities such as focus groups and action planning.

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Why focus on employee engagement?
  • Engaged employees are 38% more productive than disengaged employees ( ETS plc 2016 )
  • 48% of Polish employees declare that they are not engaged in their current role ( AON Hewitt 2017 )
For whom is it useful?
  • HRDs who wish to run a bespoke employee engagement survey across all or part of their organisation as often as they like
  • HRDs who need to understand if low engagement is caused by lack of understanding, a lack of competence or a lack of motivation
  • Leaders who want to engage their employees to drive performance
  • Managers who want to track the impact of engagement activities



How does it work?

EngageQ participants access an engagement survey on mobile device or laptop and receive instant feedback regarding their personal engagement level. Results are aggregated at team, region, country or any level pre-defined by the administrator. The engagement survey can be run as short 'pulse' surveys, extensive multi-criteria surveys, or a combination of the two.

A better system for a lower price!
  • Very user friendly and adaptable to any language
  • Buy a licence for two years and run as many surveys as you like at no additional cost
  • Pre-loaded, editable questions most often used in common engagement surveys
  • Access to survey on laptop or mobile device via link or QR code
  • Use our unique employee 'ready to perform' indicators
  • Facility to cut data according to function, engagement driver, tenure, role or in any combination
  • Organisational segment ranking to identify best practice ( and worst )
  • Web-hosted stand alone tool not requiring any system integration
  • Enables organisations to design their own specific and relevant surveys
  • Immediate and continuous access to data, completion rate and results
  • Download and share results in an easy to read excel format or give managers on-line access


Our web-hosted Culture toolkit provides a flexible framework enabling you to define your required culture and build the employee engagement and competencies your business needs

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