A holistic approach to culture change
Drive your people strategy using the Culture toolkit alongside our data-driven consulting methods.

An integrated toolkit that provides a flexible framework for insights, discussions, decisions, and actions.
Gather the data
We use our StrategyQ culture diagnostic tool to gather the data

We will consult broadly with your people to gather data to understand your culture, and gain insight into where change is required to successfully deliver your purpose.

Involve the team
Our approach is heavy on dialogue and involvement

We will validate and stress test the data via safe but challenging dialogue, involving the right people at the right stage to ensure sustainable culture change.

The end-to-end process will take between 9 months and 18 months depending on the extent of your change agenda.

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'Cracking the Culture Code'

'Cracking the Culture Code' was simultaneously Number 1 best-selling business book in Poland and the UK in January 2023. 

Cracking the culture code is a guide to leading culture change in your team, function, or organisation in a sustainable way. It is practical, insightful and most importantly, implementable.

Redpill consulting base its consulting methods on a combination of data and dialogue. This book explains how.

We provide employee engagement solutions

We will help you create, run and analyze your own bespoke multi-level employee engagement survey and support you with follow-up activities such as focus groups and action planning.

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Everyone is different
Develop your own customised approach to engagement

What motivates and engages one person is not always relevant to another. What encourages one person to stay may not matter to their colleague.

Our approach to employee engagement enables you to get personal about the solutions and engage the people you need to retain.


We help you identify & develop critical competences

We will work with you to build a competence model that prepares you for future challenges, a 360 assessment tool to monitor individual progress and organisational development priorities.

We provide an evaluation of candidate culture fit

Our CultureFitQ tool helps ensure new recruits are aligned with your desired culture and provides a unique candidate experience

We provide an evaluation of the level of psychological safety in your organisation

Safe2Perform enables you to identify areas that are psychologically unsafe in your organisation. Without psychological safety, culture change is almost impossible.

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Is it safe for your people to perform?
Psychological safety is about driving performance, not getting comfortable

The purpose of building psychological safety in your team or organisation is to enable people to perform at their best without any fear of negative consequence. We build psychological safety to improve, not to relax!

We will guide you through a process of building psychological safety using data and dialogue.

Some of the organisations using the Culture toolkit to help drive their change